Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving

this year i am especially thankful for:
my snuggly baby boy's blond hair and green eyes
my big boy's love of his daddy and their favorite wilco song (see artwork below)
my niece's sweet stares
my sister's heart and strength
my momma and daddy's cornbread dressing
my husband's fierce love for me and the boys (and his lips)
my in-laws for traveling to spend the holiday with us
a new house big enough to accommodate our guests
big breakfasts
bloody marys (duh)
bedtime (ours and theirs)
grandparents (mine and my kids')
and you, for reading this blog

i feel like a lucky lady, especially lately.

i hope you have an amazing holiday, whether it be gathered at a table with your entire family or tucked away into a movie theater by yourself.  much, much love from me to you.

fyi:  ben is grateful for his whole family, his baby brother, toys, halloween, the president, the mighty t-rex, salami sandwiches, and his daddy and 'the late greats'.


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  1. I am very thankful for you and your family too. Love you. Happy thanksgiving!