Thursday, January 31, 2013

links from chris

alrighty, per your request, i bring to you the next installment of 'links from chris'.  as i've said before, all day long my beloved husband sends me links to articles i would like, songs to listen to, and tweets that he knows i will find hilarious.  here is a random smattering of what he has thrown my way over the past couple of months.

1)  an article about the nine best doormats.  of 2012?  ever?  i have no idea.  it doesn't matter, becuase i love them all.  and i find it hilarious that chris sends me an article about stylish doormats.  he knows me too well.
dahlia print rug

2) chris recently made an announcement that he will order us a king-cake this year for mardi-gras. (which we will celebrate by watching dvr on the couch, like every other year).
this article must have been his inspiration: mail-order king cakes

3) i don't know who danny zucker is, but this tweet sure is fuuuunnnnnnny,
Danny Zuker (@DannyZuker)
I am done telling fibs or as my daughters always text "DTF!"

4) he sent me this article about 50 interesting things about dallas.  who knew that dallas is the birthplace of the german chocolate cake?

5) thanks for the reminder, babe.  i also find it cute/hilarious that a) he follows the dalai lama on twitter and b) that the dalai lama has a twitter account.
Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama)
Compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and a sense of self-discipline are qualities that help us lead our daily lives with a calm mind.

6) that's what i'm talking about!
Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper)
1st time a president of US in an inaugural speech has called for equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans, also referenced Stonewall.

7) a picture of the nasher's sculptures collecting snow.  preeeety.

8)  finally!  geez, jt.

9) i am not exactly sure who this woman is, a writer perhaps?  but her tweets are hilarious.  all of her other tweets are too innappropriate to post.

Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5)
I have a difficult time being friends with a woman who doesn't have at least one regrettable tattoo.

Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5)
Well, well, well.... If it isn't my old friend, the hungover mystery leg bruise.

10) it's so good to be an aggie right now.  our football coach is as classy as they come, and our quarterback is ridiculous.  see?
Aggie Sports (@Aggie_Sports)
Sumlin on being black coach winning SEC COY: "I hope one day, that questions not asked, that people see me as a coach and not a black coach"

11) article about 25 albums to look forward to in 2013 (have i told you i am newly obsessed with frank ocean?)

12) and last but not least, this beautiful cover by my beloved avett brothers.

keep up the good work, honey.

Friday, January 25, 2013

greatest hits

let me tell you a little parenting secret.  everyone talks about the terrible two's, and yea, they are tough, but in my experience they've got nothing on three's.  no one tells you about age three.  it'sa roller coaster, fo sho.  age four has been charming.  my four year old became even funnier, his imagination really took off, and he discovered this new affecion for his mother.

but i must say, i am a little nervous about this upcoming birthday.  my sweet four year old is all-of-a-sudden acting like he's about to start his period.  geeez.  is this a sign for things to come???

anywho, we are revelling in an open schedule.  since the holidays, our calendar has opened up, freeing up a lot of time to do a lot of nothing.  it's nice.  here's a peek at our (uneventful) week.

1) time has been spent outside in this amazing weather.  these brothers have been spening A LOT of time together, as you can tell.

2) here is addy's swimsuit model pose.  she likes to hang out on her side.
 3) crosby is a lap sitter.  momma loves it.
 4) i mean, com on.  look at this face.  i could eat her.  but i won't since i'm on a diet.

5) this week we have had dinosaur dance parties before bed.
6)  my dad always loves seeing new construction, because to him it means progress.  improvements can only help our city.  well, those improvements have made their way across the street from our office.  we are shifting from a "warehouse" district to an area with higher-end apartments.  my 88 year old pawpaw  watches it all day long.
7) look at that hair.  i love that shiny little man.

looking forward to running tomorrow and hosting a family birthday dinner on sunday.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?


Monday, January 21, 2013

hip-hop monday

i heard some oldies but goodies this morning that i had to share.   nothing sounds quite as good as this these days
(hopefully that is my only old lady statement for the day). 

Friday, January 18, 2013

greatest hits

chris and i went to a movie last weekend.  in a theater.  with each other.  amazing.  i didn't even care that we had to sit on the second row (that's only half-true).  we saw silver linings playbook and we loved it.  so, so good.

the rest of the week was low-key, besides some parenting bumps in the road from figuring out how to best deal with a very upset four (and three quarters) year old with a maaaaajor attitude problem.  good grief, i didn't see that one coming.

1) i had ben in little gym before he could sit up.  i wanted to expose him to everything as soon as possible.  and then here comes baby number two.  between taking care of him, his brother and sometimes his cousin, it was enrichment enough if we were able to play in the front yard.  well, at twenty months old, crosby finally made it to little gym.  and he loved every minute of it.  better late than never.  right, cros??? right????
2) i accidentally gave everyone on instagram a heart attack when i posted this picture of crosby after i caught him in the markers.  he would pick the bloodiest looking marker in the bunch.
3) another trip to northpark.  i told you, it takes a village (and a good mall).
4) drawing and scribbling.
 5) we spent the better part of the afternoon outside playing with crosby's big christmas gift from mimi and grandpa:  a motorized four-wheeler.  crosby will be the first of my children to have stitches and a broken bone.  i promise.  he is fearless.
 {mad that he hit a dead end}
 {our tree has arms}
 {gorilla ben}
{move out of my damn way, soccer goal}
{go, crosby, go}

looking forward to running again with my new group.  and nothing else.  noooooothing.  sounds like heaven.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?


Monday, January 14, 2013

what i am wearing

the golden globes were last night and i have since been drooling over my favorite famous ladies in my favorite gowns from the evening.

Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Garner

as i walked passed the mirror tonight, i was blown away by my uncanny resemblance to jennifer garner. i mean, really.

snazzy tshirt: bargain warehouse in college station
giant green sweatpants: bryan adams high school varsity cheer leading squad circa 1996
ugg house shoes: christmas present from chris
dark circles under my eyes: courtesy of my children

it takes zero effort to look this good.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

what i really mean

here's the deal.  every new year, i resolve to lose weight.
as you know last year, i started running.  and i still don't look like this:


soooo, i guess i could diet, but that just sucks the joy out of life, don't you agree?

so this year, with the help of pinterest, i resolve to be better.
a better eater.
a better runner.
a better friend/daughter/sister/momma/wife.

the goal is to continue to enjoy this life even more than i already do, but with more intention and purpose.

now, hold me to it, people.

what are your resolutions?  do you even bother to make them?  i would love to know.

happy new year, y'all, twelve days late.


Source: via Cortney on Pinterest

Friday, January 11, 2013

greatest hits

i have been a hot mess this week: especially paranoid, crying at the drop of a hat, so sleepy.  i even plucked a hair from my chin (yes, you heard me right.  a chin hair.  gross.  if that isn't a sign of a crappy day, i don't know what is). 

chris asked me if i was pregnant.  he thinks he's a comedian, obviously.  (and no, i am not).

forgive the massive photo dump in this post, but the first few hits from last week really deserve their own posts.  but if i did that, then there would be no greatest hits.  decisions, decisions.

1) have you heard the saying, "it takes a village to raise a child"?  i would like to add "and a good mall" to the end of that statement.  specifically northpark mall.  no offese to those malls that smell entirely like bath and body works and have a giant playground in the middle.  this one is just better.  it's artsy.  it's educational.  the lights and smells won't assault your senses.  it has wide open spaces in which you children can run. you don't have to spend a dime.
 there are fountains in which they can throw pennies and make wishes,

 and art which your child can imitate.
 warhols, y'all.  warhols.
 teaching moments pop up everywhere.  see?  primary and secondary colors.  and barneys.  not that i have ever set foot in there.  surely there is an economics lesson in barneys just waiting to be realized.
 baby turtles and ducks live there.  jealous.
 there is even an occasional celebrity sighting.  ben spotted his beloved taylor swift in the windows of h&m.
 then once you make it past the giant sculpture surrounded by cactii (good one, northpark, good one), you can then reward yourself your children with some mrs. field's cookies.

2) and since we are on the topic of things i love about dallas, let's just add the new perot museum of nature and science to the list.  it just opened in december and tickets have since been sold out.  ben was invited to a birthday party there, so we got a rare opportunity to skip the lines and have the museum at our fingertips.
 the parties take place in a "lab", where a museum employee teaches a lesson about a certain subject.  then after cake and ice cream, you get to roam around the museum.  for free.

 the lesson was about color-blending and rainbows.  the host's creative mother made these adorable favors,
 and rainbow cupcakes (which crosby devoured),
 ben raced a t-rex.  seriously.

 it was awesome.

3) marcy celebrated the fourth anniversary of her thirtieth birthday at the best dive bar around, complete with buckets of beer and karaoke.  jenn lost her karaoke virginity to the song, humpty dance.  

 marcy loves her birthday more than any four year old i have ever known, so every year is a giant party not-to-be-missed.  happy birthday, sweet friend.  it was a blast, as always.

4) we had a small window this week when my children were well, so we got to spend some time with our main girl, addy.  she's the best.

congratualtions!  you made it to the end of this post!  and that, my friend, is an accomplishment.

looking forward to meeting my new running group and going to see a movie with my husband.  i want to see this.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?