Friday, May 6, 2016

greatest hits

you know how bloggers love to make gratitude lists?  i get it.  i am grateful for many, many things, but let's be honest, a lot of things just get on my damn nerves.  here's a few off the top of my head.

1) looking for things: shoes, coffee cups, phones, and uniform shorts that always end up being crumpled in the dryer.
2) syncing my phone to the computer.  shoot me now.
3) solitary chin hairs. (hello, thirty-seven.)
4) fixing things.
5) paying to have things fixed.

mercy, i just finished unloading all of the pics from my phone onto the computer for the first time in eight million years, and i had to call my husband to talk me through it.  bless.

but, blogging is easier when all of my photos are in one place.  see?  i found a silver lining!

here's my current gratitude list, in no particular order.
i am grateful for:

1) marcy and this birthday card.  taylor and squad is my favorite.
 2) best friend's babies: the next best thing to your very own.
3) when my niece flips me off shows me her boo-boo.
 4) t-ball.  the first practice resulted in the type of crying fit that sounded like he was being stung by a thousand bees.  wtf?  but i am happy to report that crosby has since embraced(ish) the sport and the new friends he has made.  thankyoubabyjesus.

 5) gone are the days of my children smiling for a camera. i'm not so much grateful for that, but i am happy they will at least humor me by standing side by side for a photo.
 6) baby cousins that have turned into teenaged cousins.  i am so proud of the kind-hearted big kids they have become, even though it makes me feel old as dirt.
 7) two-fold: yoga and mexican food.
chris and i started beachbody workouts almost two years ago, and have worked out just about everyday since.  lately i have tried really hard to incorporate a yoga practice daily.  are we in the best shape of our lives?  nah.  am i ever going to look like jennifer aniston?  no, dammit.  i will never give up booze or mexican food (they say never say never, but i feel pretty confident about it), so that dream is out the window.  but we feel healthy.  and strong.  and i am happy with that.  (if you want to know more about it, message me).
 8) turning thirty-seven and becoming a bird-watcher from my kitchen window.  don't judge me.
 9) my big boy and his talent for sports and his love of the arts.
 10) my baby boy's snuggles and his obsession with wearing socks with every style of shoe.
11) my baby turned five.  FIVE. fiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvve.
 we upheld the birthday balloon/breakfast tradition,

 we partied at chuck e. cheese,
 we partied at home,
 we partied at school,

AND at his favorite restaurant.  he felt loved.
 11) school pictures.  because they're my favorite.  my boy looks like he's ready to fight someone.
 12) muffins with mom.
13) froyo dates.
14) school performances where 4/5 year olds dress up like tiny italians.
 15) and checking concerts off my bucket list.  chris bought me last minute tickets to go see lauryn, which fulfilled all of my nineties hip-hop fantasies.  q-tip, check. d'angelo, check. outkast, check.  lauryn hill, check.  thank you, honey.

 looking forward to a saturday full of baseball games and a sunday spent celebrating mothers.
how have you been?  what are you looking forward to?