Friday, September 28, 2012

greatest hits

naptime in my household means two things: blogging and real housewives on demand.
i'm just kidding.
sort of.

here's a peek (at the best of my week):

1) this really deserves it's own blog post, but our search for the best replacement tex-mex is over.  matt's is back!  it's new space is beautiful, the perfect mix of old and new.  and the best part is that the food and booze still pack the same punch.  i've missed you matt's. welcome back.
{i swear i would be thin if it wasn't for my passionate love of mexican food.  
that and my disdain for exercise and that pesky genetic slow-metbolism.}

2) these boys.  they have been friends since they were babies and they still say hello/goodbye with a hug and a kiss.

 {i won't name any names, but one of the members of ben's soccer fan club is quite a hit with the ladies}.

3) accompanying my guys to the zoo.

 4) smiles from my little stareball.
 5) a back-to-school picnic at ben's school, complete with food trucks.  say what?  that school feeds both his mind and my body.

speaking of feeding my body, i am looking forward to eating a state fair corny dog.  it's what's for dinner.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

boys will be boys

some days i feel like i would be much more successful at this whole parenting gig if my boys loved to play barbies or draw for hours on end (i am an expert at both of these things).

but alas, they do not.  i have replaced barbies with thomas the train and drawing with mud.

today i decided to put my OCD girly tendencies aside and let the boys play trains in the dirt.
deciding to then water my plants while they played= parenting FAIL.
this happened next.
then this.
we would all have to take fewer baths around here if our hobbies included playing dress-up and beauty salon.  just sayin'.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

map of dallas

as a dallas girl, born and raised, i found this map of dallas to be hi-larious and so, so true.
there is a joke that dallasites prfer not to drive north of 635 (aka noway county)if at all possible.

thanks for sharing, facebook.
source unknown.

Friday, September 21, 2012

greatest hits and a welcome


first things first:
1) if you are brand new here, i am cortney, cort, coco.  this blog is my letter to you.  i share everything here: my favorite songs, favorite dives/restaurants/food/recipes, art, pretty things that tickle my fancy, and stories about my very best (and very worst) days as the mom of two crazy little boys.
thank you reading.

2) if you read life on bondstone and followed me here, i love you to the moon and back (but you already knew that).  thanks for not quitting me.  shucks.

so while my boys are at school and my niece is napping, let's get this ball rolling.
introducing this week's greatest hits...

1) my niece.  she wins at any staring contest.  but i don't mind the stares from this little nugget-o-love.  
i think she sweats me.
2) my pawpaw picked these flowers and put them on my desk at work.  reason 2,013 why working with my family doesn't suck.
3) mickey mouse pancakes.  guess who's going to disneyworld?
4) sweet keaton turned four.  so we bounced in her honor.

 5) crosby loves his great-grandpa.  especially when he shares his ice cream and cake.  he's no dummy.
 6) making pizzas out of biscuit dough with the boys.  tasty, might i add.
 7) finding biggie smalls reading books in his big brother's bed.
 8) dinner and drinks with these beauties.  we went here.  only the classiest of joints for the classiest of ladies.  so fun.
 9) running into an old friend made my morning.  
it makes me excited that our babies are in the same school.

looking forward to organizing the garage. (honey, if you are reading this, surprise!)

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

p.s. feel free to say hi!  i would love to know who made it.
p.s.s. in case you are wondering, coco is my family nickname.  

thanks so much for being here.