Tuesday, June 7, 2016

mystery girls trip 2015

well, i am finally blogging about last year's girls trip.
so you know what that means...
mystery girls trip 2016 begins THIS friday, folks!!!
oh, yeeeeeaaaaaaa.

i am super hoping this snotty, sneezy, coughy, upper-respiratory bullcrap clears up soon OR that the alcohol consumed this weekend will kill the crud in one flail swoop.

looking back on these photos has made me even more excited for this year's trip! 
let's relive it, shall we?

mgt master planner/secret keeper: kelly
destination: wimberley, texas
we met at kelly's but had no idea our final destination until our lunch stop several hours down the road.  none of us ever considered wimberley, since just a couple of weeks before our trip the town was devastated by floods and loss of life.  that was enough to give kelly a heart attack, but since the (amazing) house she rented was high on a bluff and not the riverside, it had been unaffected by the floods.  the owners highly encouraged her to continue her plans and support wimberley's economy after such a terrible loss.  
so that is exactly what we did.
from our perch, there was no evidence of any devastation.
so we soaked in that view for three days straight.  our butts never left the property until it was time to go home.  our house was located on a horse ranch.  acres and acres of rolling hills for our viewing pleasure.
for the first time ever, mgt had a theme: island life.
kelly didn't stray from her theme once, as you can see.

 tequila shots. duh.
 we batiked sarongs.  oh yes we did.
 we lazed in the pool while listening to island music.
 and as icing on the cake, kelly hired a drum instructor from austin to come teach us how to play djembes in a drum circle like proper island hippies. 
so. much. fun.

 there had been drinking, so our drum circle got a little silly at times.  there was some pregnant lady booty dancing, jokes were told, and robin managed to make me feel like the funniest person on the planet (as she has been doing since 1993). thanks, rob-bob.

 then kelly planned some water olympic games that involved relays, breath holding contests, and ridiculous tie-breakers.

 we had some preggos with us this year.  jenn and sarah were well into their pregnancies, while kelly was still blissfully unaware of hers until a week later.  oops!

 since sarah lives out of state, we used girls trip as an excuse to throw them a joint baby "shower".

 only three more days!!!
 hula girl jami has been planning this year's mgt from denver.  as soon as i know what she's up to, i'll fill y'all in!  stay tuned.....