Saturday, April 19, 2014

greatest hits: april birthdays

birthday season is upon us.  chris in march, me and ben in april, cros in may.  throw in my sister, my pawpaw, my mom, my niece and about half of my closest friends. it'll make your eyes cross. 

this year ben and i turned six and thirty-five (in my mind we are not that old, nosiree). 

this year ben decided on a star wars themed party. it was held at his karate dojo where the kids underwent intense jedi training. 

thank the lord for pinterest and crafty moms who post their hard work on the internet for my downloading pleasure.  i can't remember the last time i had an original idea.

i had to include a picture of my nutjob youngest child.  he spilled an entire bottle of bubbles on himself.  twice.  and proceded to throw the fit of all fits.  we didn't have another shirt for him to change into, so he got his hoodie with a broken zipper.  it's a good look.
may the force be with you.
six balloons for our six-year-old.
on his actual birthday, we met him at school for lunch.  he was thrilled, the sweet boy.
his name was in lights.
he ate ice-cream like a two-year old, per usual.
as for my birthday, we enjoyed the weather at the truck yard.
i was spoiled rotten by my boys.

spring weather, patios, frozen drinks and my people.  these are my favorite things.  oh, and cupcakes.

i got bangs for my birthday!

looking forward to celebrating again tomorrow with my family.
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?

happy easter! 
{random fact: i was born on easter.}

love y'all,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

links from chris

it's been awhile, hasn't it?  not to worry, he's still at it.  here's a taste of the contents of my "chris" folder.

*this is chris' response to my obsession with the new coldplay song.
Fixated (@TheSnideOne)
"Fuck yes! This is my favorite part of this Coldplay song."

- me during the fade out.

*chris knows i have other boyfriends, all of whom i have never met, then he sends me videos of them.
jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon)
Two of the best: @Nas and @QtipTheAbstract killed it on the show tonight. #IllmaticXX

*one night out past midnight sets us back a few these days.
Kim Farrell (@Bunnydurden)
There's nothing like a twenty-four hour hangover to teach you absolutely nothing.

*click on the link to see this awesome map.
Deadspin (@Deadspin)
The history of New York hip-hop in one packed map (via @NYMag):

*Our boys' motto.
Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth)
Give a man a fish he'll eat for a day, give a man a lightsaber, he can do whatever he wants.

*kelly clarkson is chris' guilty pleasure.
Ty (@Ty_Schutz)
Accidentally turned up the volume during a Kelly Clarkson song. Then accidentally stayed in the car 'til it was over.

*it's universal.
Corby Davidson (@corbydavidson)
Yes Jerod Leto, you are hotter than any woman I have ever slept with. Dick.

*sometimes i get pictures like this.

*he knows that my love for r.e.m. runs deep.
Rolling Stone (@RollingStone)
Watch R.E.M. make their national TV debut on an odd episode of #Letterman in 1983:

*if crosby had his way...
Rob Elliott (@RobElliottComic)
Me: I'll have a BLT, extra bacon, no lettuce or tomato.

Waitress: So, a bacon sandwich?

Me: Eeeexxxttrraaaa

Waitress: ...

Me: *Winks*

*another picture.  i have a thing for those kennedys.

*true love is...
IG (@samalmightysam)
I would walk over Legos for you.

*i sense a theme.

*the way to my heart is through my stomach.
Bob Heller (@Bob_Heller)
When I hear someone say, "chicken pot pie," I get excited three times.

*so true.
John Solo (@Shock_Monster)
Ironic the things I fought my folks about as a child:

1. Going to Bed
2. Eating
3. Showering

Are the highlights of my day as an adult.

*he is my biggest cheerleader.

*kids = filth
Linda in Disguise (@LindaInDisguise)
The anti-theft system on my car is just French-fries and crayons.

*chris knows this from experience.
Minivan (@my_minivan_life)
It's really weird how hiking with a 5yo is a lot like carrying a whining 5yo through the woods.

that's all folks!  have a happy thursday.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


today is my birthday.  i am thirty-five.  life is good.
i have learned that no one feels their age.  no one has it figured out.  adults are winging it.

this comforts me.

thirty-five, shmirty-five.

bring. it. on.

Monday, April 14, 2014

monday commute

i am back from denver.  i am on a high from spending a relaxing weekend with some of the greatest women i know.  a rocky mountain high.  it was good times, y'all.  i failed miserably at documenting the weekend with my camera, so as soon as marcy shares hers, i'll fill you all in.
here is a song that kept my weekend attitude in check on this dreary monday morning.  i bought it to put on my running playlist, but never did.  oops.  so turn it up and imagine that you are running really fast and that it is easy and invigorating.
after i got home yesterday, i got a LOT of love from my boys (they missed me), ate mexican food for dinner, sat on the couch in comfs while stuffing easter eggs and ugly-crying during parenthood.  oh that show.  so this next song has nothing to do with my commute and everything to do with my ugly cry.
have a great week!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

this is six

my ben turns six years old today.
this one person has taught me more in six short years than i have learned in a lifetime.
here's what six years old looks like in our house.
benjamin is funny and musical.
he loves to dance and talk.
he argues for fun.  and argues and argues and argues.
he is stubborn and charming.
he is friendly and intense, so, so intense.
he is passionate and sensitive.
he's the love of my life, that boy.

birthdays are exciting, but i'm not going to lie, they're a little hard for this momma.  especially when my baby looking like this seems like yesterday.

slow down, time.  slooooooow down.

p.s. i am leaving for denver on thursday (woot!).  have a great weekend and i'll catch up once i get back.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

wednesday commute

well friends, get ready for the most random post ever.
i could've slept until noon today, y'all.  probably not, but it felt like it.  instead i get woken up before my alarm goes off by my almost-six year old who needs to pee and decides to tell me about it.  hey little boy, thanks for sharing, now go back to sleep like a normal person.
anyway, it was a sleepy commute.  and i kept catching the tail end of great songs.
like these:
radio is going to kill this one for me.  but i don't care yet, because i love it and want to hear it on a loop.  plus, since chris martin's marriage to gwenyth just ended, i feel like he needs my support.  and his last name is martin, which used to be my last name as well, so we are practically family.  and since blood is thicker than water, he may have won me in the divorce.
just in case you weren't yet convinced that life is completely unfair, watch this john legend video, with his REAL LIFE WIFE.  who looks like that?  hmmm?  who?  what would you do if you looked like that?  and your husband wrote you this song?  and then sang it to you at your wedding?  hmmmm?  what.ever.  just stop it.
the video is gorgeous (as is the song and the super-model).  it kinda gives me goosebumps.
if you weren't already convinced that this post is ridiculous and that i am a crazy person, here are two other songs i caught the tail end of that made me as happy as pharrell this morning.
i know i am totally showing my age here.  even if you are around my age, this song may not sound like high school to you, but it sure does to me.
and last but not least, this gem.  it reminds me of driving around with a carful of people and nowhere to go.  ha!
all. over. the. place.
i know these song posts may beat you all down, but i just can't help myself!  these thoughts in my brain have to go somewhere!
talk amongst yourselves.
bye felicia,