Friday, November 13, 2015

greatest hits

ben boy is getting his tonsils removed next week.
it is for the best, bless his heart, but we've heard all about the horrors of recovery.
dread is not a strong enough word.
please feel free to share your advice or experience or good wishes,
and be honest.  i can handle it.  maybe.

 since we will be laid up for ten days or so over thanksgiving break,
here's a peek of what has kept us busy over the last month or so.

in no particular order, our greatest hits:

1) while chris was in college station for a football game, the boys and i had a date with the peanuts movie.  the best part about the whole experience was the seats.
no offense, charlie brown.

2) my dad is in the middle of marathon training again, so a measley 13.1 miles is like another training run for him.  at this point of his training, he is just trying to break personal records.  and he certainly did with this 1 hour, 49 minute half-marathon.  he's a machine, that man!

3) we went to see my morning jacket and all i got was this bathroom selfie.
they were awesome, per usual.
just try not to love this song.
4) family night at the fair.  tradition at it's best.

5) we went to the arboretum on the hottest october day known to man.  crosby asked to leave within the first ten minutes.  he was so "hot" and "tired" that he had to take multiple breaks from walking to lie down.  lol.

5) we made our annual donation to the neighborhood squirrels with our pumpkin patch purchase.

6) this halloween we had a werewolf, a mummy and a witchy princess.

looking forward to a mellow weekend with no plans.
how was your week/fall?  what are you looking forward to?


Friday, November 6, 2015

more of you

you'd have to live under a rock to not have heard all about the (amaaaaaazing) duet with chris stapleton and justin timberlake on the cma's this week.

i grew up on country music and have a huge fondness for the classics and it brings me great joy to watch the climbing success of authentic artists and songwriters like chris stapleton, sturgill simpson and kasey musgraves.  it almost cancels out florida georgia line.  i cant even.

you guys, please listen to this song.
i gives me a lump in my throat, which is a testament to good songwriting right there.
i still remember the first time i saw chris' face and vice versa.  this song makes me remember that moment.  cheesy?  sure.  who cares.

p.s. chris stapleton sings with his wife, which makes the song that much sweeter.

click here for the song, more of you.  and watch below for the behind the scenes.

here's the duet from the cma's.  i dare you not to love jt even more....

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

acl awards 2015

well, we did it again.
another acl music festival is in the books.
we once again managed cram as much face-hurting laughter and friendship and music and shenanigans as possible into three short days.
please no one remind us that we are in our upper thirties.
my week-long recovery did that for you.

trip mvp award goes to joni this year, since she was the one who had to board an actual airplane to get there.  here we are all on our way to each other.
below is our obligatory "look-we-made-it" pic of the year.
best show of the weekend (in my opinion): the alabama shakes.  duh.  brittany howard is perfection.
most absurd purchase of the weekend goes to: my big red hat.
that sucker is huge.  it needs it's own hash tag.
biggest shitshow: all of us on saturday.
the day started after breakfast with bloody mary's at becky's house and ended at 4 am on her porch.
funniest idea at the time: this jumping shot that only took fifteen tries to master.

 there was also a cartwheel contest.  smh.
 and lots of emotional drunk-hugging.
we should make a documentary called, "thirty-somethings at music festivals".
nobody would watch it and it would bomb at the box office, but it would be an interesting case study.
the best friend/worst nightmare (depending on your outlook) award goes to: ME! 
on saturday i guess i decided that the best way to show my love and affection to my friends was to hug-tackle them.
i'm sorry, not sorry.

 best duo: again goes to joni and becky.  best friends, former roommates, soulmates.
they have mastered the selfie, obviously.

mvp of late-night snacking goes to none other than acl-champion, jason webb.  he couldn't be bothered to lift his face from the crock-pot full of queso to take this picture.
this picture makes me laugh for days.  jason, i love you so.
best hostesses award goes to becky g. year after year. (blond aggie in front).  she feeds us, entertains us, and let's us hug-tackle her.  she is my angel.
 acl is wonderful and all, don't get me wrong.  i love the venue, i love the city, i love being able to see multiple shows a day, i love the music.
 but what the weekend is really about is these people.
somehow we found each other when we were eighteen years old and have refused to let go since.  we come together and laugh until we cry, every. single. time.

it could be in a dorm room, a college bar, a football stadium, at a wedding, on a farm, on an email or in a field at a music festival.
we are just happy to be together.

cheers to another great year under our belts.
sorry i tackled you.


p.s. band highlights for me (in case you were wondering about the actual music):
alabama shakes
leon bridges
sturgill simpson
sylvan esso