Monday, May 27, 2013


our holiday weekend began with a 24 hour jaunt to houston to attend a friend's wedding.  and seeing as i forgot my camera at home like a big ol' loser, the weekend was documented solely by instagram.
our instaweekend began with some instructions from the wise graffitti artists of harris county.
we'll do our best, h-town.
the groom's family reserved some rooms at the four seasons (swanky) at a special wedding rate, which was shockingly comparable to holiday inn.  ummmm, it was a-mah-zing.  i wanted to move in, lay by the pool everyday, wear only the robe they provided and spend the majority of my hours in the most comfortable bed i have ever had the pleasure of laying on.

i tried to act out this fantasy after my handsome groom left for the wedding earlier than me to perform his groomsman responsibilites.
but instead, i gussied up in my finest head-to-toe target outfit (complete with my fake LV clutch from nyc chinatown) to show those fine folk at the four seasons just how fancy we really are.

the wedding was a blast.  we didn't know a soul, but that didn't stop us from dancing like a couple of crazies and acting-a-fool in the photobooth.

after sleeping in until 9:30 (holla!  black-out curtains, y'all!), we headed to the lakehouse to meet my parents and our boys.
we spent 24 hours in the sun and water, enjoying each other's company.  it exceeded all of our expectations.
hello, summer.  i've missed you.

don't you love it when things are even better than you knew they would be?
how was your holiday weekend?  i'd love to know.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

greatest hits

i'm a bit brain-dead today.  it could or could not have anything to do the amount of fun i had last night with my sister and girlfriends. ay-yi-yi.  when will i learn?

here's a peek at our week:
1) a trek to the white rock local market for some honey (and popcicles, of course)
 2) the beginning of t-ball season.  these boys have been friends since they were babies.
 3) we had some unexpected morning visitors.
 4) lots of this.
 5) first swim of the year.

6) my two year old is bi-polar, either he's incredibly charming like this:
 or incredibly UNcharming like this:

 {this particular tantrum took place after he gave himself a make-over with my make-up.  he was unable to put on his daddy's boots while standing up.  he did NOT want to sit-down to put them on.  it's apparently a very aggravationg way to put on boots.}

 7) ben's last day of school at the children's center.  
 we are so lucky that he went to a school where he felt challenged and safe and loved.  we will miss it next year!
8) took my sister to see dave matthews and he sang 'sister' during encore.  serendipity.

looking forward to celebrating our neice's first birthday today! 

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?


Monday, May 13, 2013

better than my birthday

i am not so big on my birthday.  i duuno, sometimes it just seems like a normal day.  if people want to celebrate it, awesome.  but i am usually not the type to make much of a big deal about it.

i mean, if you think about it, i did nothing to earn my birthday.  all the credit goeas to my mom.  she is the one that worked hard growing me and then willingly put up with my crap for the next 34 years.  my role is pretty easy in the whole scenario.

but mother's day, on the other hand.  i earned this holiday.  i tried for these babies, i grew them, my body changed (to never be the same again), i went under the knife, i stayed up nights, i love them every day until i am bone-tired.  this holiday is special.  and this year, it was particularly good.

chris bought us tickets to go see our sweet jim james at the house of blues.  we had a real date in the middle of the week.  we ate at a new (delicious) restaurant that we would not be able to visit with our children in tow.  we laughed over the correct way to pronounce said restaurant (mot hai ba is the name.  just when you think you have it figured out, the waitress comes by and proves you very wrong)

jim james was solo and the show was loud, in the best way.  not a i-need-earplugs loud, but more like feel-the-bass-to-the-tip-of-my-toes loud.  it was so, so good.
he sang this.

then on sunday morning, i was allowed to sleep in (all the way until 8:30.  whoah!)  my boys bought me roses.  we went to brunch with the family to the gin mill where i ate my beloved bowl of grits, enjoyed my momma and loved on my neice.  my baby boys acted like a lunatic who had never stepped foot in a restaurant before, and chris handled it like a champ.  i was able to drink my bloody mary in peace.

then i redeemed a massage credit that my best friend gifted me for my birthday.  i came home relaxed, made dinner, and ate outside with my boys in the gorgeous weather.

it was perfection y'all.

how did you celebrate?

Friday, May 10, 2013

greatest hits

y'all my carnival is over.  and even though we are missing TWO birthday parties because of it, the only thing on the agenda this saturday is a t-ball game.  no carnivals, no races, no training runs, nada.  bliss.  things have been full-speed here in the bonner household: another lost tooth, a birthday, a double know, the usual.  here's a hodge podge of what all has been going on around here.

1) birthday party at the lab at lakewood, our new favorite place.  ben made slime and pet a snake.  he was in heaven.

 2) it's such a hard life for a dog....
 3) boys doing some work.
 4) ahhhh, the carnival.  the day went perfectly.  vendors showed up, people came and spent money, the weather was gorgeous.

 PLAY Dallas was there and a HUGE hit with my kid (and a jillion others).
 pony rides.  crosby only almost fell off once.
 my ninja turtle got his face-painted.
 mimi helped carral the babies.
 ellie grace dazzled, as usual.
 my homies showed up.
 and the photobooth was an awesome addition, as we had hoped.

5) little chris dressed up for 'dress like daddy' day at school.
 6) he lost another tooth.  sniffle.
 7) sweer homemade cards were left on the porch as a surprise to my new two-year-old.

looking forward to the first t-ball game of the season and celebrating mommas over brunch.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?


Thursday, May 9, 2013

links from chris

as you know from my past "links from chris" is that my sweet husband sends me tweets and links that he thinks i will like.  i don't know who all he follows on twitter (twitter is an enigma to me) but the tweets he sends he are pretty hilarious and right up my alley.  here's a few from the past couple of months:

on the anniversary of mca's death, they named a nyc park after him.  we love our beasties pretty fiercly in this house.

vampire weekend's new song and video.  they are playing acl festival.  holla!!!
here are a few articles he has passed my way.  i see no need to post all of my politics on this blog.  actually, doing so makes me feel all icky.  those that know me, know where i stand on certain issues.  these articles meant something to me.  feel free to click if you're interested:

and i'll throw this one in just in case you want to feel old.
beck's "loser" is twenty years old.
here are the tweets. sorry if the language bothers you.  it's how i talk.  my grandfather was an actual sailor.  let's blame him for my potty-mouth.

Lady Downfall (@Mi_SSbehaved)
My son just called his friend a pussy. He's 8. So yeah, my parenting skills are at an all time high, guys.
Danny Zuker (@DannyZuker)
The journey of 1000 miles begins with an hour of looking for my kids' missing shoes.

Dean B (@DeanB15)
I'm only going to SXSW to play the ultimate game of 'Homeless or Hipster'.
Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5)
The Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award's are a great reminder of why children aren't allowed to vote.
Sorry, I'm Texan (@SorryImTexan)
Y'all, The Lord has blessed us with Chicken Express. #SorryImTexan

Aristotles (@AristotlesNZ)
The back of every furniture assembly manual should have a coupon for couples counseling.
Steve (@FSUSteve)
You know nothing about a woman until she's drunk and mad at you.
Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5)
"Every kiss begins with Kay", but every shitty Mother's Day begins when a mom receives a butt ugly charm bracelet.

for real, i just told chris to never buy me one of those bracelets.

hope you liked the links.

until next time,

Monday, May 6, 2013

my baby

my crosby was born at 7:52 a.m. 
i didn't hold him for the first time until around 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
he was born with some fluid in his lungs (which they assured me was no big deal.  oh, o.k.) and had to be monitored in the nursery for hours while i sat and waited, unable to move (pesky epidural.  just kidding, i love that thing.), unable to eat, unable to hold my brand new baby.

and once i got my hands on him, i never wanted to put him down.
still don't.
 {pardon the enormous i-just-had-a-baby face}

 now he's two and he squirms out of my embrace.
except when he's sleepy or sick.  then i get all of those good snuggles that mommies live for.
 crosby at age two:
is the class clown,
 is a social butterfly,
 hates chocolate, but loves sweets,
 is not very verbal, but is charming as hell,
 {unlike his big brother who wakes up talking and continues to talk, even in his sleep}
 crosby is independent and affectionate, impatient and loveable, michevious and fearless.
pretty perfect, if you ask me.

we love you, cros man!