Friday, November 16, 2012

greatest hits

do you ever walk into your house and wonder who threw all of your family's clothes and shoes everywhere?  yea, me neither.

oh baby, has it been a week.  a mighty fine week.  here's how it went down.

a) my aggies won.  we beat the hell out of alabama (formerly the number one team in the nation.  no biggie.) by the way, thank you johnny football.  we had aggies over.  celebrated in the aggie way.  wanna see a picture?
too bad.  i didn't take any.

b) i went to a fancy-schmancy auction for ben's school where i got to dress up (never happens), wear bright red lipstick and drink a lot of wine.  wanna see a pic of my cute outfit?  sorry.  doesn't exist.

c) i went to a loooong overdue happy hour with my ladies (which lasted until midnight, mind you.)  we talked and caught up and had a fantastic time.  wanna see how cute my girlfriends are?  my bad.  no pictures.

d) my big boy started reading.  that's right, i said reading.  we bought a set of bob books and he is rocking it.  look at this sweet picture of him reading.  nevermind.  i forgot to take one.

e) last night my sis baby-sat so we could go see eddie vedder in concert.  i will always have a soft spot for long-haired grunge boys that wear flannels around their waist and smell faintly of dirty hair and patchouli.  i can't help myself.  the show was fantastic and my love for him is more solid than ever.  wanna see a picture?  here you go.  thank you, internet. (you can read about the show here.)
eddie, from back when my love started.
what eddie looked like last night.  and to think that he sounds even better than he looks.  hubba.

i did manage to take a picture of my neice trying to escape the bumpo.  but i cannt manage to get my instgram pics on my blog.  can somebody help me figure that out?

looking forward to making a million dollars at our family's garage sale so i can start christmas shopping.

how was your week?  was it as delicious as eddie?



  1. congrats on beating bama! i wanted you to win so bad because i was *still* mad about them beating lsu. we'll see how tomorrow goes for us ;)

    and sigh..........eddie.......there are no words.

  2. this post is hilarious. if i ever get motivated to dump my camera i will be able to send you some pics of some of these events. now, to find that motivation...
    about your instagram pics, do they not just upload when you sync your phone since they are in the camera roll? when you figure it out, let me know too :)