Monday, September 30, 2013

for carissa

(i am skipping my monday commute post because radio sucked this morning and i was too lazy to switch cds or find a playlist on my phone.  my bad.)
i ran into an old friend and her sweet husband on saturday night and she told me she reads my blog!  this news excites me to no end.  if you aren't officially "following" my blog, i have no idea you are here.  so i am thrilled when i learn about a reader.  hi carissa!
on my drive home saturday night, i heard a lovely song that so appropriately reminded me of carissa and the time in our lives we spent together.
i have a special place in my music-loving heart for michael stipe and r.e.m. (right, jessica?)
hope your monday is bearable (it will be once you listen to this song :)
p.s. if you read but don't follow this blog, feel free to pop in and say hi.  i know some people have complications commenting.  best of luck to you, friends.

Friday, September 27, 2013

greatest hits

i am not going to lie, it's been helluva good week.  and in the words of ice cube, today was a good day. i was child-free during school hours and managed to squeeze in the gym, several errands, lunch, a little drawing project and (don't be mad) a nap.  a forty minute one to be exact.  momma can't complain.

here's a peek at our week (thanks to my iphone):

1) the staff of ben's school played a softball game against the staff of ellie's school as a pta fundraiser.  these babies don't get together as often as they should, but when they do, it's pretty cute.
2) picture day for this handsome young man (shhhh, i put hairspray in his hair).
3) i had a picnic with the littles.  my niece and i had a photo shoot while crosby played in dirt.
4) marcy's uncle scored amazing tickets to the ranger game and then gave them to her.  so this is where i spent my monday night with some of my faves.  go rangers!
5) killing time between the start of ben's school day and the start of crosby's.
6) the temps dropped ten degrees or so, which causes dallasites to act like it's 70 degrees and spend all day outside (even though it's still sweaty in the high 80's).
7) my sister lost her mind invited our boys to spend the night at her house.  so we went out on the town and checked out the brand new truck yard on lowest greenville (awesome), but since half of dallas was there we decided to go sit on stan's patio for old times sake.

i am looking forward to celebrating the fifth anniversary of my dear friend's thirtieth birthday and then celebrating another friend's pregnancy.  yay!

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?


Monday, September 23, 2013

monday commute

why is it only ten o'clock and my stomach is already eating itself?  maybe it's because the state fair starts next week and i spent my drive to work wondering what exactly fried thanksgiving dinner tastes like.  i'll get back to you on that one.
i heard what could possibly be my all-time favorite song on the radio this morning (i've posted this before, so forgive me).  the first thirty seconds of the song blows most songs in their entirety straight out of the water.  enjoy, friends.
then i heard this gem:
which reminds me of another one of my favorite oldies.  (my love for this song started when i first saw the movie, beautiful girls.  has anyone seen it?  did you love the movie  soundtrack as much as me?)
happy monday, friends.

Friday, September 20, 2013

greatest hits

hi booboos.  whatcha doing?  me?  i am sitting here in gym clothes eating hot spinach/artichoke dip for lunch.  doing my best to negate my work out one meal at a time.  i sure am glad it's friday.  you?

here's a peek at our week.

1) this boy.  oh, this boy.  he now insists upon carrying his "pack-pack" everywhere.  it's full of dvd's, in case you are wondering.
 you know that mom you see chasing her toddler who is running away from her (screaming) at full-speed, only stopping to turn his head to make sure mom is still chasing?  you know the one, she's usually sweating, using her stern voice (and promising herself in her head that once she catches the running child, she will not beat him in front of the gym full of people at mommy-and-me gymnastics class).
she's the one whom you lock eyes with and give an empathetic smile to, all while wondering to yourself why she has no control over her banshee child.

let me introduce myself.  my name is cortney and i was that mom on tuesday.  we lasted 15 minutes in gymnastics.  
 good thing he is cute.  seriously.
 2) trader joe's has been in east dallas for a month or two now, and i must say, i love it so, so much.  i walked into supertarget the other day and i felt guilty.  i'm sorry supertarget, i've started seeing someone else.  it's not you, it's me.  and the dark chocolate almonds.  you don't have those.  tj's does.  sometimes a break-up is as simple as that.
 3) i remembered i had these empty bins in the garage immediately after i remembered a little trick i saw on pinterest long ago.  have your kids finger paint in the bin.  genius, really.  clean-up: a dream.

 below: he's just looking for shit to touch.  naughty.
 4) i got love notes "hidden" throughout the kitchen from my big boy.  sweet angel boy.

looking forward to my training run (haha!!! just kidding.  dreading it.) and hanging out with my main squeeze tomorrow night.
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?


Monday, September 16, 2013

monday commute

oh y'all.  i am so sorry i skipped greatest hits this week.  i planned on blogging friday night after the kids went to bed...however, i ended up spending my evening in the bathroom.  ahem.
once the bug left me, it moved on to my children making it a weekend for the recordbooks.  lordy.
did i mention chris was out of town?  lucky duck.
anywho, we are well now.
and chris survived his boys' weekend in college station where the aggies in fact did not beat the hell out of bama.  but almost.
when we bought my car, it came with a free year of xm radio.  um, we fell in love instantly; chris with the grateful dead channel and me with the spectrum (28), backspin (46), and alt nation (36).  so now we subscribe.  seriously, xm completes me.
here's what made my commute to work this morning worth a damn.  thank you, backspin.
i used to roller skate to this song in the fifth grade.
oh, i love lauryn hill so.  even though she is bat-shit crazy currently.
tupac.  wasn't this song released after his death?  suspicious.....
happy monday, y'all.
stay well.

Monday, September 9, 2013

monday commute

there is always one song that sticks out on my drive to work on monday mornings.  some are new to me, some are oldies-but-goodies.  i've decided that instead of typing them in my phone to remember for later, i am going to start sharing with you the songs that make my drive a little more bearable.
the only michael jackson i like is the twelve-year-old version. 
 i dare you not to sing along.  do it.
happy monday, y'all. 
hang in there.

Friday, September 6, 2013

greatest hits (it's baaaaaaaack)

well, folks.  we survived our first week of kindergarten.  and after a few sleep adjustments and attitude adjustments, i think we are all starting to get the hang of it.  now i need a nap.

here's a peek at our week:

1) it may not have been the best idea we ever had, but we decided to take ben to his first (really his second, but he was 6 mos. old the first time, so it doesn't count) texas a & m football game.  this expereince is usually a good time for all, except when it's hotter than the surface of the sun outside.
 after walking what felt like across town (considering the turtle pace of our five-year-old) from our car to the stadium, we quickly realized we weren't going to last very long.  our goal was to make it to the beginning of the third quarter to see johnny football play for a hot minute.  and that we did.
 we let him dunk his head in the fountain for relief.  
he thought that was awesome.
 by crouching in the shade outside the stadium before the game, we happened on the coolest part of our day: watching the team walk in.  i snapped this cute picture of our cute coach, looking all cool and cute.  xoxox coach sumlin.
 ben and his earplugs.
 now i know i am making myself sound incredibly old here, but back when i was in college we walked barefoot, uphill, in the snow to games everyone wore maroon tshirts with shorts or jeans and flip-flops or tennis shoes (which personally i would much rather sweat through than my nice clothes.  just sayin'.) ummm, these little nineteen-year-olds have really stepped up their game.  after i picked my jaw up off the floor, i tried to snap pictures just to prove to my college girlfriends that i wasn't lying.  oh, and does no one gain the freshman fifteen anymore?  damn them.  these cute things were all walking around in socks while holding their boots by the time we left the game.  smh.
 on trend: LACE (skirts, shorts, dresses), cowboy boots, daisy dukes and ohmygod the bows.  giant BOWS.  wtf?  when did that happen?
 zoom in to see the size of that thing.
o.k. i'm done now.
 gig 'em and god bless 'em, benjamin.

2) crosby started school (hallelujah, thank you jesus)!  even though his school is still considered mother's day out, we sure did pose by the sign that said preschool that they so kindly provided out front.
 his cousin goes to the same school.  this is how they "hug".
 my sis with addy.  as crosby would say, "she cuuuuute".

looking forward to cold beer and good music at the untapped festival tomorrow.
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?