Saturday, June 29, 2013

stupid google reader

i've decided on bloglovin to manage my blogs, now that google reader is so rudely making it's exit.  i am a creature of habit and it takes me a long time to get used to new i chose bloglovin' simply because it was easy to import my blogs from reader.  reader users, what are you switching to?  do you like it?  am i smart enough to figure it out by myself?

oh, bloglovin didn't import my starred blogs.  i star the posts i love or that will come in handy down the road and now it looks like i'll lose them forever....baaaaaaahhhhhahaaaaaaaaaa.  tantrum.

that is all.


Friday, June 28, 2013

a song

i heard this on the radio today and remembered how much i love it.

happy friday, honeys.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

snapshots: our entry

backstory:  we planned on moving someday.  we lived near an excellent elementary school, so we had a little time before we had to figure out the rest.  but when our neighbors sold their (less updated) house in three days for a price we would be thrilled to get, we decided to bite the bullet.
we had a few criteria: we wanted to stay in east(ish) dallas, have our kids go to a good public school, and gain a little square footage.  oh yeah, we had to be able to afford our mortgage.  minor detail.
one month later, we accepted an offer on our house and found another on the same day.  our new house was ugly.  it smelled funny.  it had bad juju.  but since the previous homeowner was anxious to get rid of it due to some sad family circumstances, he accepted our first offer.  our house payment would stay the same(ish), but we would gain about 900 more sq. feet, a bedroom and a pool.  it was meant to be.  but boy did we have a lot of work ahead of us. 
we are lucky to be members of a family business that is condusive to remodeling.  we have access to some materials and labor that we wouldn't be able to afford otherwise.  that is why the sheer ugliness of this house didn't scare us away.  all we care about are the bones :)  and this house has good bones for sure.

our approach to decorating this house was so much different than our first home.  our first time around, we knew the colors we wanted and went for it.  this time, we had peices we wanted to work with and built our rooms from there.
here is a pinterest pic of my color inspiration for the entry:
 the color of our walls doesn't translate well in photos, but it is a really light minty blue/green that my dad made for the bathroom of the very first house i lived in post-college.  chris and i have taken this color with us since.  it is now in our entry and bedroom halls.
i got the mirror for 75% off at wisteria outlet flea market.  it was damaged to hell.  but my talented husband and pawpaw painted the areas where the missing inlay pieces were with nail polish.  yep, nail polish.  did i mention i never pay full price for anything?
 buddha (new): target

 light (new): lula b's.  cheap as hell.
 rug (new): ballard designs
hand (new): sample house

 i copied this blog for the black door idea.
 bedroom hall light fixtures (new to us): from nola, once belonged to my parents.

there it is.  first room reveal! 

have you ever copied blogs for design ideas?  pinterest?  it has changed the game, for sure.  i would love to hear about it!


Monday, June 24, 2013

this time last year

this time last year, we were busy packing, puking, cold-sweating, packing, sweeping up six years of dust, packing, puking, moaning, and packing some more.

then we moved.  and we didn't unpack, but instead ripped up floors, slept in the same room, puked some more and passed a fever around to every immediate family member.

i still get a shiver down my spine when i remember that time.  it was rough, y'all.  moving suckity-sucks, especially while at least one member of your family is crying at all times.  details.

i think for my husband moving was like childbirth.  i hear (since i never gave actual birth to these giant children of mine) that those wackadoo hormones that surge through women's bodies forever after childbirth cause you to forget the pain and stress of bringing your precious angels into the world.

while chris and i were reminiscing once about this exact time last year, he said, "it wasn't really that bad, was it?"  uuuummmmmm, yes dear husband, it was.  i almost kicked him but that would've been immature.  and that is one thing i am not.

maybe i am exaggerating a bit, as i am known to do, but i do know one thing.  i am so glad we moved.  we may be paying for it (literally) for a long time, the improvements, the mortgage, and all that jazz...but it is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

so since i haven't picked up the camera to snap a picture of what we are doing in real time (hence the lag in greatest hits), i will start posting house pictures of what we've done to it, my favorite things, and parts of this home that make me the happiest.  thank you for your patience, honey boo-boos.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

greatest hits: girls trip

done and done!  mystery girls trip 4 was a success.  to read more about our girls trip tradition, click here and here.

as you know, this year i planned the trip (which is no small feat).  we were down two girls for the first time ever *sniffle* so our budget had to streeeeetch this year.  mission accomplished.

here are the greatest hits:

1) not pictured: the girls trying desperately to guess our location while on the road.  hilarious.  i gave them some false clues to throw them off (it worked).  i also planted some hints in a couple of songs on our annual girls trip mix-tape, but they were under the impression that there was a hint in every song.  oh, it was entertaining.

2) we stopped in austin for "lunch" which really took place in a spaaaaaaaaaa (cue my best joey tribbiani evil plan laugh). we were pampered (hard-core) for after having lunch catered in.  bliss.
sarah called in an order of cocktails for us all the way from portland, so we toasted to her.

y'all, i had an hour-long pedicure in a "zero-gravity" chair, which basically means i was fully reclined with a neck roll, a blanket and an eye mask.  i may or may not have woken myself up by snoring.
jenn was informed a few times by her sweet (?) aesthetician that her skin was dry.  very, very dry.  um, thanks?
3) we battled the friday afternoon austin traffic to arrive at our cabin on canyon lake an hour or so later.
4) because it was my year, the girls got not one, but three mix-tapes as a momento.  including a "hot tub mix" complete with biggie and tupac.
5) we had really friendly hungry neighbors.
 6) ummmm, there was a swimming cove.  perfect for floats and dubs (dubs are those giant thermos' we pour our booze in.  dub is short for dub-tee, short for white trash).
 7) did i say hot tub?  yep, there was a hot tub.
8) we took christy's tubing virginity and floated down the upper guadalupe river for six. long. hours.
drunk. water-logged.  bruised.  happy.
 9) we ate and ate and ate.  for the first time ever, we i went to bed early both nights.  we took breaks from eating by drinking or dipping in the tub or sitting on the porch sipping coffee and reading celebrity magazines.  we didn't have to report to work or answer calls or wipe butts or seperate fighting children.  we were away from them long enough to really miss them.

i hate when it's over.  i am already anxious for next year's surprise!
per tradition, i'll give you my mix-tape playlists soon.


viva, girls trip!

(most of these pictures are marcy's.  thanks, marse!)

Monday, June 17, 2013

normal day

i was reading cup of jo today and read a quote that brought tears to my eyes.  she applied it to motherhood, but i don't think you have to be a mother to understand it.  these days we get bored with, the days that seem tedious and monotonous and sometimes lonely, are days we will one day long for.  may i always be grateful for these "normal" days.
“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. One day I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all the world, your return.”
― poem by Mary Jean Irion

Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy father's day

happy father's day to my dad, who tucked me in every night of my life and always told me that he was proud of me and that he loved me every day.  he is artistic and curious, loyal to a fault, committed and constant, and sometimes silly.  thank you for passing on those traits to me, dad.  i am proud of them.
happy father's day to my pawpaw, who (still) takes his red convertible out for joyrides and loves his family fiercely.  thank you for always making your grandkids feel special.  you are talented beyond words, hard-headed, passionate and stubborn.  thank you for passing those traits to me, paw-paw.  i am proud of them.

happy father's day to my husband.  thank you for telling me i am beautiful every day and making me feel funny and important.  you value music and art, tradition and rituals.  you are loyal and passionate, loving and hard-working.  to the guy who always dances with me at weddings and drinks cold beer with me on patios, you are my best friend (as well as ben's and crosby's).  because of you our kids love wilco and the beastie boys right along with show tunes, refer to jerry garcia as 'uncle jerry', love to swim, enjoy reading, and can appreciate a good dance party.  thank you for passing on the best of you to our children.  i am proud of those traits.
and last, a happy father's day to my sister who steps up to the plate every single day with strength, grace, dignity and enough love to make up for any defecit.  i love you.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

thankful and happy

robin and brad are moving to denver.  at a farewell barbeque last night, her only request was a shot of our crew.  our group has morphed over the years.  some families have grown, some have stayed the same, each one unique and beautiful.

shots like this are so rare.  i will cherish it forever.

friends are family, am i right?

thankful and happy,

Monday, June 3, 2013

greatest hits

remember when i said my spring/early summer was a little overwhelming with all that is going on???
weeeeeellllll, the good news is that girls trip is THIS weekend!  that was the last thing on my long, long list!  i am planning it this year and there are no words adequate enough to express how excited i am that it is finally here.

so, once i get through this weekend, blogging will resume as normal.  promise, promise.

here's a peek at what has been happenin' this past week (or three).

1) our addy bug turned one and had a big girl swim party.  i can't handle her, i love her so much!

 doofus thought he should turn one, too.
 2) i introduced the boys to clips from the movie annie on you tube (best. movie. ever).
 3) we had to nija pose in the bathroom, per ben's request.
 4) lots of eating outside.  holla.

 5) bithday-partying it up with ben's classmates.
 6) crosby eats ice cream cones bass-ackwards.
7) icing on the cake: an amazing night at kxt's summer cut, where we saw dawes, matt and kim, grace potter and my beloved avett brothers.
i haven't stood in the rain at starplex since i was about 19, but this concert was well worth it.  as was the company.
best in show: matt and kim.  dude, they are crazy nuts in the very best way.
their music makes you dance like that.  

looking forward to GIRLS TRIP!

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?