Friday, November 30, 2012

greatest hits

guess what?  both of my kids are at school right now.  friday is the one day a week i have a couple of hours to myself.  i am blogging and listening to trampled by turtles (obsessed).  i feel giddy.

bad news: the auto-focus on my camera is dead.  kaput.   just manual focus for me now.  which has taught me one important lesson:  i am a sucky photographer.  but today is your lucky day (haha), i happen to have plenty of pictures from before my camera so rudely quit me.

1)  thanksgiving, oh thanksgiving, how i love you so.  chris' parents were in town from syracuse and our niece was in town from arkansas.  and we did everything you are supposed to do on thankgiving break.  we've got the laying-around-in-comfy-pants-to-watch-the-same-movie-over-and-over thing down pat.
 2) my parents hosted us.  just look at our sweet little turkey nugget in her "first thankgiving" dress.  oh and my gorgeous sister too.
 3) granted i am taller than my sister, but in september our twelve-year-old cousin was shorter than me.  two months later, not-so-much.  he has been waiting to be taller than chelsey for a long time.  mission accomplished.

 4) the love these two babies have for each other is unmatched.
 5) nanas make the best story-tellers.
 6) holy moly, dallas!  have you been to the new klyde warren park yet?  if not, go now. 

 {there are knitted frogs in the trees.  yep.  there are also books available from the library for you to read at your leisure.  and you can check out games to play.  and eat food from food trucks (my fav and also a new experience for my in-laws).
 and if you are crosby, you can give yourself a facial from the water on the groud (a trough for the dogs, mind you).
 7)  good-byes are the worst but their visit was the best.  happy cancels sad.
we also went to a tree farm to cut down a christmas tree (and by cut down a tree, i really mean buy a beautiful pre-cut tree from their shed and enjoy the farms other amenities, like hayrides and hot apple cider.)  but my camera betrayed me that day, so no pics.

looking forward to tree-lighting in the arts district and the dallas flea tomorrow!  woot!

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?


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  1. Aww Chels looks so pretty!
    I'm looking fwd to touring a drop in child care place that got good yelp reviews and is affordable! This could mean Pilates by G, horses during the day, a hair cut at a SALON, maybe even read a book... woah. And of course, Date Night!!! They stay open until midnight fri and sat, what?! Damn I hope they're awesome.
    Glad you enjoyed your beautiful family and a holiday full of love! Love you!