Thursday, March 26, 2015

greatest hits

hi, my loves.
since i have updated greatest hits, it has snowed, rained and warmed up to the eighties.
spring break happened.  family birthdays have begun.
time is moving at warp speed, per usual.
why does it go so fast, whyyyyy?
chris measured crosby on the wall where we measure them twice a year.  he has grown almost two inches since november.  nov-em-ber.
my big boy is almost SEVEN YEARS OLD.
warp speed, y'all.

let's play catch-up before i look up and it's 2032, shall we?

1) it snowed big, wet, fluffy flakes.  lots of them.  chris stayed home and then posed for this picture with his mini-me.  i mean.
 we even made snow ice cream, like pros.
 2) chris and i had to work during spring break, so we took the kids to the lakehouse for an evening the first weekend.  snow had melted, temps were warmer, we tossed a football in the yard, ben practiced his baseball swing, we went to an arcade, rode go-carts, ate catfish and topped it off with blizzards from dairy queen.

{chris was having the time of his life trying to buckle his go-cart seatbelt.  can't you tell?}

 3) we ventured near the greenville avenue st. patrick's day parade having decided to stay only if we found a good parking spot.  and miraculously, we did.  the kids loved it.

 some drunk guy fell in love with crosby, proceded to adorn him with all kinds of st. patty's swag and then continuously called him 'bing'. oh, drunk guy.

 {how does one become a member of the margarita society?  i need to know.}

4) chris has been dying to try out brian luscher's new restaurant in deep ellum called, luscher's red hots.  the weather was nice enough to sit on the patio and the food was delicious.  my children inhaled their burgers which means we will definitely be back.  happy birthday, handsome.

 5) once upon a time, many years ago, we didn't have children.  we spent much of our time sleeping, trying new retaurants, going to movies all willy-nilly at all times of day and night.  we would day-drink and night drink and hang out with friends and throw parties.  our friends emily and jimmy hosted epic crawfish boils at their house every spring and we would just do what twenty-somethings do: hang out and drink beer.

fast forward to this year, jimmy turned forty and emily threw a party.  we brought our kids (there was a bounce house), we ate crawfish, we drank beer and we visited with friends.  things have definitely changed since the good ol' days, but we still hung out and drank beer like we always did, just this time with the backdrop of our laughing, playing children.  life is good.

 {the birthday boy and his brisket}

 6) my doodlebug joined a soccer team called the autobots.  the fields were finally dry enough for them to have their first practice and it was presh.

looking forward to staying on a farm in bellville, texas this weekend with some of my best people and "shopping" for antiques in round top.
can.not. wait.

how was your week(s)?  what are looking forward to?


Thursday, March 19, 2015

half of our lives

my honey turned thirty-six yesterday.
which means we are approaching the point of knowing each other for half of our lives.  from this year on, we will have spent more years with each other than without.
this feels big.
 many of you who read this blog, know my husband well.  some of you not at all.  here are some reasons he is my one-of-a-kind pie-in-the-sky number-one main squeeze.
when he was a little boy, he would attack the cookie jar and shove his face full of cookies while his mom was on the phone.  he had her just how he wanted her...distracted.

at a young age, he would perform beatles songs to himself in the mirror.

he would wake up before the others on saturday mornings, watch cartoons and challenge himself to see how many grapes he could fit in his mouth before his family came downstairs.

he sings in the shower.

he cries at sports movies.  only.  not on his wedding day or the birth of his children.  bawls like a baby during 'field of dreams'.  don't even get me started on 'rudy'.

he's a phone talker and a note writer.

he only wears cowboy boots or birkenstocks.

he is fiercely loyal.  to everything and everyone.  he has a hard time letting go of people and concert tshirts from 1995.

he makes friends easily.  he will say hello to someone and then explain to me that he knew that guy from his college geology lab or preschool or that it was his friend's neighbor two doors down.

he meditates every morning.

he had 215 cubs hats, 5 thousand widespread panic tshirts and approximately a million grateful dead tshirts.  and he wants more.  he never has enough tshirts.

he is a hard worker.

he laughs at his own jokes (usually before the punchline).

he is a rule following hippy.

he has a bleeding heart.

he never kills a bug.  he catches it and ushers it outside.
freaks. me. out.

he would eat a cheeseburger for every meal if it were socially acceptable.

he would give you the shirt off his back.

he knows the fourth song of the second set of a grateful dead show in new jersey from 1972.  it's insane.

he tells me i'm beautiful every day.

it is so much fun to see some of these traits pop up in our children.
man, are we lucky.

happy birthday, chris bo.
you're my favorite.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

links from chris

happy snow day, dallas!  again.  however this time feels different.  more snowy, less icy, and the sun is shining.  gorgeous, i tell 'ya.
o.k. that was fun.  now i'm ready for summer.
in case you need a laugh or a distraction, i present to you my latest installment of 'links from chris'. (which are tweets or links he shares with me to make me laugh.  it works like a charm.)

Ollie (@ojedge)
Van Gogh: "Dude, I saw this hella vase of sunflowers today."

Gauguin: "Pics, or it didn't happen."

[van gogh pulls out oil paints & easel]

Christy (@LoveNLunchmeat)
Being a parent of young kids is just counting to five over & over again & waiting for the inevitable nervous breakdown.

Abby C (@abbycohenwl)
I told my kids "BRB" and had to explain to them that it means "Be Right Back" because they had no idea how cool I am
BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed)
12 Reasons Emma Stone Was The Best Person At The Oscars
Garden & Gun (@gardenandgunmag)
Get the party started with @TheB52s ultimate party playlist.
Lucas Jackson (@CoolHand_Lucas)
Who decided it was ok to put a fried egg on a burger?!?

I want to shake their hand.

BuzzFeed Style (@BuzzFeedFashion)
Mom Edits Baby’s Photos With Makeup App And The Results Are Hilarious:

* a love letter from johnny cash to june

Simon Holland (@simoncholland)
You could make dinner for a toddler, or you could just cut out the middle man & throw away a plate of food and squirt ketchup on the dog.

Simon Holland (@simoncholland)
Let's get married and have kids so instead of doing fun stuff on the weekend we can go to a kid's birthday party where everyone coughs.

Simon Holland (@simoncholland)
I'm at my most hostage negotiator when I see my 3 year old holding a permanent marker without the lid.
BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed)
What “Parenthood” Taught Us About Mourning And Celebrating Those We’ve Lost

BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed)
“Tell me more about Minecraft!”

23 Things You’ll Never Hear A Parent Say

Kate Hall (@KateWhineHall)
Not sure which is worse: stress of being late or stress of being early and waiting while my kids scream and kill each other in the backseat.

Zack (@Mr_Kapowski)
Sausage is not better than bacon. Sausage comes in links and patties. Bacon is like, boom bitch, I'm here. I got one form and it's delicious
Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper)
Me: *digs through 50 band shirts to find the 'right' one for today*
Lisa (@LisaACOTA)
Whats it called when your kids are acting like dicks and you have to drink a whole bottle of wine and hide the empty before your h gets home
Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper)
TIME Magazine's definition of a perfect body in 1955.
Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper)
me: Why am I so funny?
me: I don't know
me: *laughs*

Fluffy Suse (@fluffysuse)
Guide to parenthood:

Boys destroy your house

Girls destroy your mind


Jaxon/Jaxoff (@fillthevacuum)
Bourbon doesn't make me go to its mother's house and miss the game.

that's all folks!  i could've kept going, btw.

on the agenda for the rest of the day:
work out- check
blog- check
hang up clean laundry (ugh, never!)
binge watch movies
cook dinner

stay warm everyone!