Friday, January 29, 2016

for karin: links from chris

my precious sister-in-law recently let me know that she checks my blog everyday to see if i've updated it.  she might just be my only remaining reader.  i love you, sister.  this post is for karin.

it turns out i'm not much of a quitter, when it comes to this blog at least!  i'm more of a loooooong-break-taker.  over the holidays, i drew home portraits for coco custom until my fingers were nubs.  something had to give, and it turns out this blog was the unintended victim of my insane schedule.  i even quit reading other blogs, wth?  i'm sorry, sweet readers reader.  i am back!  blog hiatus is o-v-e-r.

one day i will upload all of the pictures from my phone and camera, but until then, i will leave you with 'links from chris'.  my precious husband, he's my lobster.  he sends me tweets and links and videos to make me laugh.  and it works like a charm.  every time.  here are some of his greatest hits from the past few months.  enjoy.

***if profanity offends you, stop reading now.***

1) vonn miller is a denver bronco.  he is also an aggie.  he is also chris' man-crush.  we love him so and want him to win the super bowl.
A video posted by Von Miller (@millerlite40) on

2) one of us in this marriage is not a morning person.

3) he knows i love nerdy art photos.  that's why he's my lobster. 

4) he also knows i nerd out over old photos of celebrities.  and that i think elvis looks like my poppa. 
5) oh, and that i also love the first lady.  so much. 
Ring in the new year with the one you love.
6) yea, and that i have a taco obsession.  it's all i want to eat.  all the time.
Special K (@SwirlySkittles)
This apple tastes like I should be having tacos. The fuck kind of hell am I living in right now.

7) remember how i said i want vonn miller to win the super bowl?  i have a bit of a crush on cam newton, so there could be a conflict there.  can't they both win?

8) he feels my pain with the four-year-olds.
Brian Hope (@Brianhopecomedy)
I asked my 4 year old if she minded if I closed my eyes for a few minutes. She said yes, and is now saying every word she knows.

9) one of us snores terribly.  he knows who he is.
innocent chummy (@innocent_chummy)
Why is it that the people who snore the loudest are the first ones to fall Asleep.

10) we both love eddie vedder.  especially circa 1992.  like, a-lot.

11) he is obviously trying to send me a message about my winning attitude in the mornings.
Jay (@theshamingofjay)
Whoops, said "don't fucking talk to me" instead of "good morning" again.

12) paul rudd.  dancing.  favorite ever.

13) chris has a soft spot for nerdy white guy bands.  i have a soft spot for men who sing soul.  so he sends me videos of new-to-me music that combine the best of both worlds. 

14) this makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

15) eighties kids, this is for you. 

16) oh, jennifer aniston.  we love you so. 
17) chris also knows his rank as favorite parent. 
Mᴏᴛʜᴇʀ-ᴀᴛ-Lᴀᴡ⚖ (@MumsieEsq)
"DADDY!?!" (toddler calling out)

Me: "Daddy's upstairs but can I help you with something?"

"Yes. You can go get Daddy."

18) i'll leave you with this.  my favorite thing he has ever sent me in the history of him sending me things.  you are welcome.

thanks for your patience, sweet readers.  i won't quit you.  i couldn't.
have a wonderful weekend!