Monday, June 22, 2015

greatest hits

it's wedding week!  
my sis is getting married on saturday and we are all super excited and busy and ready to party.
i have so much to update you on, but i'll start by dumping my pics here first.
i'll get to my girls trip recap soon enough, pretties.

1) ben completed first grade.  what the what???  he has turned from a little boy into a big boy.  he acts like a teenager, says grown up things, has the body of a man-child, and still melts my heart with his precious closed-mouth grin.  i love him so.
fart noises and all.

2) our little community pulled out all the stops for end-of-the-year celebrations.
my friend liz hosted a backyard movie night.  the boys gave each other noogies while the grown-ups drank cold beers.  ahhhh, summertime.
3) i ran an incredibly hot race.  i'm still chugging along with my training, despite this heat and the growing discomfort in my right knee.  any tips?  i really don't want to stop running, but the more i do, the more uncomfortable it gets :(
4) some of our "neighbors" (as in friends that live several streets over) host an incredible bbq competition every year.  there are teams who compete for best brisket and ribs, a hand-selected panel of judges, kegs of really tasty local beer, a people's choice selection, tables of delicious food, music, bounce-houses, koozies and t-shirts with official logos, and money raised for a local rape crisis center.  so much fun!  it makes me so grateful that we landed in this little pocket of dallas.

5) well, it's official.  i'm a baseball mom.  chris is a coach.  crosby is that kid who raises hell on the playground during games.  this year we graduated from t-call/coach pitch to machine pitch.  ben's team is GOOD and apparently i really love to watch these seven-year old boys run the bases more than i ever thought possible.  go red sox!

the first-grade teachers from his school came to support their boys.
grandpa rarely misses a game.

6) a friend of my parents is in a crosby, stills  & nash cover band and recently played a thursday night concert at the arboretum.  it was hot as hell, but it sure was beautiful.

7) we've been frequently hitting up a new-to-us breakfast spot in our hood, dallas donuts.  you get donuts as an appetizer.  my kids were sold.
8) you know you have a seven year old when just about every birthday party is a skate party.
9) lazy summer days = picnics at spray parks 

10) the sugar magnolia swimming hole is officially open for the season.

looking forward to a wedding!

how was your week and what are you looking forward to?


Thursday, June 4, 2015

girls trip 2014

guess what happens in eight days?
mysery girls trip #6!!!
this date is the same on my calendar each year, money is paid, trust is placed on the planner, and then, we wait.
but the wait is almost over!
we have no idea where we are going, all we know is that we will all be together and likely in some body of water (a girls trip theme).
sarah will be here from portland, robin & jami from denver, and for three days all will be right in the world.

i realized that i never documented last year's trip on the blog.
so here are a few of the crappy pictures i took. i was too busy floating in a pool or sunbathing while putting a drink to my face to snap decent pics.  but i think you'll get the idea.

mystery girls trip #5
year: 2014
planner: emily
destination: galveston
mode of transportation: a big white kidnapper van filled with personalized coolers full of snacks
 accommodations: a huge, historic, victorian, f'in HAUNTED house (with a pool, no less)
 entertainment: the muddy waters of the gulf of mexico.  it may not be the crystal blue waters of florida, but it sure smells the same and sounds the same and soothes the soul the same.
dress code for the beach: apparently hats

 we walked to the strand, ate fried seafood at a crab shack, shopped for shells and drank abita strawberry on a pier.  bliss.

 and when we weren't hitting the beach, you could find us in the pool.  we had such a hard time getting out to shower for dinner that some of us bathed in the pool with travel sized shampoo.  do NOT tell the home-owner.  k?  thanks.

 we ate delicious home-cooked meals together at the giant dining room table, we read magazines on the wrap-around porch, we were haunted by ghosts to the point of little/no sleep (i wish i was kidding, i may have cried and made marcy hold my hand until we fell asleep with the lights on).
emily arranged for us to take a "dance class" to learn some sexy-time moves in the comfort of our own home.  i have pictures i could post of said class, but then i wouldn't have friends anymore, so just use your imagination.  or not.
oh, how i love it so.
i don't even care where we end up this year.
just as long as we're together.