Thursday, April 21, 2016

greatest hits: the about-dang-time edition

i was going to give you a list of reasons why i haven't blogged in two months.

but then prince died.

i'm sad.

i have a cousin who is ten years older than me.  so when she was at the height of her fabulous 80's teenagedom, i was a little girl with stars in my eyes.  she was my idol.  she was cool (still is) and was always so sweet to me (still is).  one of my first musical memories was "hanging out" in her room as she was getting ready to go somewhere while listening to "when doves cry".

that sealed the deal.
i adored her, therefore from that day forward, i adored prince as well.
may he rest in peace.

p.s. "sexy M.F." and "let's go crazy" are excellent additions to any workout playlist.  don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

so, here we are in the height of birthday season.  from march to may, we celebrate the birthdays of my husband, my sons, myself, my sister, my cousin, my neice, my grandfather and my mother.  throw in a couple of best friend birthdays and that about wraps it up.

three birthdays down in our household with only crosby's to go.  we will celebrate that stinker in a couple of weeks.

1) first up, chris' birthday.  man, am i ever glad that guy was born.  he saves my ass everyday.  i'll love him forever and ever.  and ever.

every 37 year old man needs a fathead of his man-crush, no?
chris loves von miller.
von miller is an aggie and a bronco and a super-bowl mvp and now a pretend ballroom dancer.
we love him around here.  now he greets us every time we pull into the garage.

chris shares a birthday week with my sister.  they decided that they wanted to day-drink in lieu of a party.  we went here and had a grand old time.

2) next up is ben's birthday.  he is currently banging on piano keys so i will have to dig deep, but here goes.  he is smart, witty, passionate, intense, emotional and has really great comedic timing.  he is a treasure, that boy.
 he wanted to eat at his favorite restaurant for his birthday dinner.  he is obviously too cool for school.  it's benny's world, we're just living in it.

 he loves video games like no other, so he had his party at an arcade this year.

{the birthday lunch bunch}

he shares the same birthday with a classmate, who happened to be born within hours of him in the exact same hospital!  precious.  

3) i spent my birthday morning chaperoning crosby's field trip.  his class is studying italy, so his teacher arranged a visit to an italian grocery store.  they got a tour, saw pizzas being made, and sampled italian mineral water, salami and biscotti cookies.  it was rad.

then i met my main squeeze at our favorite restaurant for lunch.  divine.
that evening we celebrated with margaritas and the next day we took our posse and met up with friends at the old 97's county fair.  the grown-ups drank beer and danced around to alt-country, while the kids played carnival games and acted like complete nut jobs.  good times.

we made it.

how are you, my sweet readers (those of you still here, at least)?  i'm sorry i dropped off of the face, but something had to give for a while.
i even quit reading blogs!  wtf?!?!

soooooo, i have decided to start from scratch.  if you love a blog, can recommend one or write your own, would you pretty please leave a link in the comments?  i am ready for a fresh start.  i want to read what you love and what you write.

thanks for hanging in there with me!