Friday, November 2, 2012

greatest hits

hi y'all!  how are you?
we are good here.  we actually stayed in town last weekend, so we have been homebodies.  it feels good.  here's what's up:

1) oy.  my baby now climbs on top of tables.  tall tables.  how do you baby-proof a table?  hmmmm?
2) we waited until the very last minute to get pumpkins from our neighborhood pumpkin patch, so all that was left were the giant, million-dollar pumpkins.  we carved them (which apparently crosby thought was a total snoozefest), placed them outside only to have them immediately devoured by squirrels.  wtf?  
the great pumpkin fail 2012.

 3) the next-to-last soccer game of the season. woo-hoo!!!!  big ben scored his first goal EVER, so this game will go down in the books.

 {this is what happened when i told the boys to look fierce.  hilarious!}
 4) halloweenie!  we had a precious little moo-cow, batman and mickey mouse.

 {only one of them was having fun.  guess which one.}

looking forward to the last soccer game of the season and back-porch sitting with a friend.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?
{roxie, how was the park and polyphonic spree?  sounds dallas-y and awesome.}



  1. we didn't get to go! we were so friend's wife lost the tickets!! what's up with that? :)

    but this weekend i am looking forward to celebrating marli and then my friend's birthday saturday night.

    1. Bummer. There will be many more opportunities to see both. Give Marli a squeeze from me. My sis will be there, too :)