Thursday, January 18, 2018

happy new year

y'all.  i am cold.  in my house.  with the heat on.

i just put on a winter hat.  to blog.

a few things:
1) happy new year!

2) i am home alone on a rare thursday where i am not subbing at the boys' school.
i'm kinda walking around like a lost (cold) puppy.  emails have been checked.  my to-do list tackled.
it's just me, the dog and my beanie.

3) have i mentioned how much i loved subbing?  being around all those kids, managing schedules and behaviors, laughing at the things that come out of their mouths, not to mention all the hugs.  i never knew i missed teaching this much.  it's giving me life right now (see last post).

4) i am listening to linger by the cranberries right now because my teenage self is mourning the loss of dolores o'riordan.  oh my, her songs are the soundtrack of my youth.  she reminds me of riding around in cars with friends. i'll love her forever.

4) chris and i are doing our first whole30.  we're on day four.  only 26 damn days to go.
it really hasn't been that bad.  but in typical cortney fashion, i let myself get into enough of a funk, a fog, a slump for entirely too long before i was finally motivated enough to make a change.  2017 was *weird*.  i started excercising less, drinking more, eating more, let go of my yoga practice, neglected the good skin was whack, i felt tired and unmotivated and blaaaaah. there are likely a million reasons why if i dig deep enough, but now is not the time.  then i got sick as a dog over christmas, and that was it.  it sent me over the edge, so i conned my husband into tackling the whole30 with me.  i'm looking forward to a clearer mind, clearer skin, a better attitude (and better fitting jeans).  2017, don't let the door hit you on the way out. deuces.

5) i miss wine.  it's day 4.
i'll see you in february, my darling cabernet.  just not as often.

here's what gave me life this fall/winter:

*fall baseball.  it's just the best.
*unsuccessfully looking for tim riggins (or even coach taylor, i'm not picky) at our local high school football games.  i found this tough guy instead.  i think i'll keep him.
* we only made it to the state fair once this year, so we made it count. 
p.s. i'm hungry

*pumpkins with my hufflepuff.

*our pre-thanksgiving trip to broken bow.  i could not get over the beauty of this place.
*my budding artist

*my drummer who played a radiohead song at his recital WITH A BAND.  dreams do come true.

* prepping for christmas.  and i say prepping since i didn't get to enjoy the fruits of my labor this year considering i spent days in bed with fever.  i still shudder thinking about it.

i'll be back soon, i promise.
2018 is the year of ch-ch-changes and i can't wait.
how are you?
what is giving you life right now?