Sunday, November 11, 2012

a christmas gift idea

i make things.
usually for family and sometimes friends for the holidays.
i have been fantasizing about opening an etsy shop of custom gifts for a while now, but i am a little intimidated.  sales tax?  yikes.  shipping costs?  who knows?  and don't even getting me started on what i should charge.

i'll get there someday, but i am not there yet.

so i have an idea.

you will be my guinea pigs.  this here blog o' mine will serve as a tiny little test platform from which i can gauge interest.  y'all are my pre-etsy, so to speak (you know, to determine if i could really pull it off).

i am offering two custom gifts just in time for the holidays.

1) hand-cut paper silhouettes
5 X 7 for $25
8 X 10 for $30

each silhouette will be cut from high-quality black paper and mounted on a backing in the color of your choice (red, light blue, or neutral)

all you need to do is email me a couple of high-contrast photographs of your kiddo/dog/model/subject/baby daddy and we can go from there.

2) custom drawing of a house 
(be it yours/yo momma's/baby momma's/you get the idea)
5 X 7 for $25
8 X 10 for $30
 {pardon the glare.  i snapped zero pictures before they were framed and on our wall}

if you are looking for a precise scale drawing of your home, you may want to look elsewhere :)

however, if you are looking for a more whimsical, illustration-like drawing of your home, i'm your girl. i prefer to draw in pen-and-ink, but will consider adding highlights of color if there is a certain aspect of the home you would like to feature.

and there you have it!

leave a comment expressing any interest and i will be in touch with you.  we can proceed from there, my sweets.

thanks for letting me test out my little dream on you first.



  1. I totally want a drawing of a house, in fact is it possible to get one drawing and several copies of it? i don't have a picture of the el campo house, but i am sure i can procure one in the next week or two.

  2. I want something...all of of it..something...:) let me ponder and I will get back to ya! Good job of getting out there open your shop!

  3. I'm interested I'm interested! I would totally shop your Etsy store. So many possibilities...must see if I have profile pictures of my nieces...not sure. But the house picture too...I'm thinking one for my sister and one for my MIL...but that one could wait until Mother's Day.