Saturday, February 9, 2013

greatest hits

i am in charge of planning the spring carnival for ben's school this year.  sounds fun, right?  it's fun (don't get me wrong) but it is also an enormous fundraiser for the school and requires a ton of planning.  i find myself staying awake at night fretting about how to: raise money, ask for help, beg for donations, and not be a complete failure.  i feel a bit out of my comfort zone.  and overwhelmed.  have i mentioned that it is a hobby of mine to stress out about every. little. thing?  tis true.  my brain is exhausting.

then mornings like this morning happened.  i ran uphill for 6.25 miles.  not once did i think i was going to die.  it was challenging, but i recovered and i have felt fantastic since.  i feel strong and capable.  and that, my friends, is how i know that everything will be o.k.

here's a peek at what made my week:

1) this nutjob.  he is into everything.  including plastic bins.

 2) dropping $20 at an estate sale for a big box full of old school wooden blocks.

3) "chaperoning" ben's first field trip.  and to the symphony!  
i was giddy.

 ben was a bit bored, but he certainly perked up when the high school ballerinas danced across the stage.  to quote him exactly (after he whistled, mind you), "i liiiiiiike her."
4) i have this friend named roxie.  she is actually a former co-worker of some of my dear friends.  we met at parties over the years and it was next to impossible not to fall for her deep louisiana-accent, her long red hair, and her fluency in spanish.  well, since she no longer works with my friends, our paths never cross anymore.  that is, until she started reading my blog.  and now i feel like i talk to her often (funny how that works), and i love it.  out of the kindness of her heart and since she knows my love of mexican food AND louisiana, she sent me TWO jars of her favorite salsa from her home state.

thank you, sweet roxie.
 5) the trees in my neighborhood.  when the weather is nice, the boys ride their "bikes" and i lay on a quilt and tree-gaze.

looking forward to valentine's day (no plans.  just because.)

how was your week?  what are you looking forard to?


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