Sunday, February 3, 2013

greatest hits

i had a celebrity sighting!!!  not really, but kinda.  you know you are a blog-loving dork when you spot one of your favorite bloggers and are flipping out like you just spotted beyonce.  does anyone read simple lovely?  it's one of the first blogs i read, joslyn is from dallas, and i feel like i know her.  well, yesterday i spotted her husband and children at the park (sans the blogger herself) and got giddy with excitement.
seriously, i need to get a life.

sorry greatest hits is late.  i guess i was too busy geeking out over local blogger celebrities to get my act together.  my bad.

here's a peek at our week:
1) introducing the bonner family band 
(complete with a pantless frontman).

 2) my almost two year old mimics whatever his almost thirteen year old cousin does.  love it.
 3) dance parties before bedtime are not the best way to get your kids to wind down.  oh well.  we figure if you wear them out enough, they'll sleep better (which means we will sleep better).

 4) we got a valentine's package all the way from syracuse.
addy tried to take-off with some m&m's.
 5) because of my friend chance (in austin) we learned about target's first saturdays at the nasher sculpture center (in dallas).  thanks, chance!  chris made fun of me because my head was about to explode from almost all of my happy things happening simultaneously: gorgeous weather, my boys, art museums, food trucks (and later my super cool celebrity sighting).  he said the only thing missing to complete my perfect day was a margarita.  true, true.

 there was a sculpture scavenger hunt for kids.  ben wrote the artist's names all by himself, because he is basically fifteen already...sniff, sniff.  it's going by too fast, y'all.

 6) we followed up our museum run with a trip (acrross the street) to dallas' new gem, the klyde warren park.  we even ran into friends on the way out.  perfection.

looking forward to watching the superbowl commercials and cooking a big pot of gumbo.
how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?



  1. When were u there? We went too on Saturday from like 1 to 3. Wasn't that day perfect. Oh wait, I just realized that u may have just posted today but could very well b referencing like weeks ago. Duh. Either way, I love reading ur blot Bc u challenge me to try stuff.

  2. Yayyyyy, You went! Looks like one of those magically wonderful days! Loooooovin it! :)