Monday, February 11, 2013


let's talk grammys, shall we?
i loved them this year.  

  • ummmmmm, justin timberlake.  the end.  i have a little thing for voices that don't match the person.  does that make sense?  his voice is like buttuh.  and his moves?  cut. it. out.

AND he sang with sting, who sang the police, and then into a bob marley tribute.  loved it.

  • my batman loves him some mumford and sons.
  • the black keys sang with dr. john and the preservation hall jazz band.  cool band + best of new orleans = pretty good in my book.
  • jack white was weird and awesome and a little creepy (in a musical genius kind of way)

  • rihanna looks hungry.  she needs some bob armstrong dip and a cheeseburger.  and she was there with her boyfriend who likes to punch her in the face.  i have problems with that.  but she sure is preeeeeety.
  • adele's dress.  she's one of my favs.  not one of my favs: dresses that look like draperies.
  • frank ocean.  listen frank, i am trying really hard to be a fan.  i love your cd.  but you've got to cut that forest-gump nonsense out.  mmmmkay?
did you watch the grammys?  what did you think?

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  1. agreed... with all the money you have adele, you REALLY decided to buy THAT dress? ....interesting