Friday, February 22, 2013

greatest hits

sorry i have been such a lame blogger this week.  but let's be honest, it took 48 hours to recover from our 24 hour trip to texas a&m.

we spent saturday and sunday in college station with some of the best people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  when we are all together, my face literally hurts from all of the laughter.  i never want it to end.  and when it does, i am sad and left wanting more.

college friends.  they are family.  it's a special kind of love, am i right?

here's a peek at my week(end):

1) chance and jason arranged a surprise (to us) run-in with the beautiful miss reveille on campus.

 campus was full of high-school kids and their parents.   they either looked at us and thought a) wow.  they are loud and have foul mouths or b) see?  aggies are awesome.  even the old ones.

2) lunch at wings-n-more, our fav.  home of giant beers and the freshman fifteen.
 we were lucky enough to love on baby luke before he went to the babysitter.

3) then we moved on to duddley's draw, where we picked up right where we left off.

just looking at his expression makes me laugh.  i am sure whatever was coming out of his mouth was highly inappropriate.
 best friends gathered from dallas, houston, austin, denver and mcallen just to shoot the shit over pitchers of beer.

 this is what happened after i told them to "look sober".  fail.
 joni clicked her heels over the excitement of it all.  ryan was not entertained.
 4) the next day we went shopping on empty stomachs (when will we learn?) and marcy and i found these really cool cute red-ass unfortunate hats.  lucky for all who know us, we didn't buy them.
i don't know when a reunion like this will happen again, but i hope it is sooner than later.  i am counting down the minutes until there is a next time.

looking forward to a nice relacing weekend at home.  how was your week(end)?  what are you looking forward to?

until next time, whoop!



  1. Best. Friends. Ever. Whoop!
    Ditto on the smiling til my face hurts. Yall and your significant others are the coolest. Miss every one of your faces!

  2. love this! everyone want to go back next weekend? i definitely think the pic of us in the hats is a framer.