Friday, October 26, 2012

greatest hits

so as you have probably noticed, there has been a little greatest hits hiatus.  it has been a shitty couple of weeks (not to worry, we are all healthy and will be fine in the end).  but amidst the crap, the kids keep on being cute and doing things that are worthy of picture-taking.  so here are a few of my favorites as of late.

1) at a play-date of epic proportions, i snapped a picture of this serious little boy smiling for me.  joe paradise is a sweetheart.
 ben told me recently that he didn't like any of the girls in his class because they are just cute.  he only loves beautiful girls like ellie grace and maggie.  thatta boy.
 2) did you know that gorillas collect acorns?
 even very, very fierce gorillas.
 3) mums make me happy.
 4) soccer season is upon us.  ben loves it, although he has no earthly idea where the ball is at any given time during his games.  it is, shall we say, entertaining.
 crosby is ready to play, obv.  and i have a feeling, when he does, he will probably know exactly where to find the ball on the field.  just sayin'.   

 {three generations of fans}

and while i am trying to look on the bright side of things, i should mention that my sweet friend jessica had a baby girl, layne thomas chobot!!! 

looking forward to sarah having her baby (finally!!!) and a weekend spent in ugg boots.

how was your week?  what are you looking forward to?



  1. I haven't seen Joe in so long - he is precious! Also, love the one of Ben, Ellie & Maggie. Ok, I love all of 'em.

  2. agreed...all those kids are so dang cute. i'm looking forward to going to the opening of the klyde warren park tonight and seeing the polyphonic'll be cold but fun:)

  3. Love you....way to keep the blog alive and well. The playdate photos are just so sweet! Yeah for baby Layne!