Tuesday, October 23, 2012

acl awards 2012

it's that time of year again.
the austin city limits music festival came and went, proving once again to be one of my most favorite ways to soak in my friends and music.  
it nourishes my soul.
cheesy?  yes.  true?  absolutely.
last year i created my own acl festival awards featuring the highlights of the weekend.
and this year i will do the same.
i just know you are all on the edge of your seats.

best pre-festival grub: 
giant burgers at casino el camino.  it served as a good sponge for the dozen or so beers we were about to consume at the festival.
best mudfinder:
marcy.  every. time.  on friday, zilker park was dry as a bone except for maybe one spot where someone probably dumped a cooler.  and if anyone is going to accidentally step in a puddle of mud (causing her friends to pee from laughter), marcy will.
(this is a big one....drumroll, please)
best in show:
hands down, florence and the machine.  here's the deal, i liked her songs on the radio but never bought an album. well, let me tell you, she is an amazing preformer.  i have been doing this festival thing for a while now and i can easily say that i have never seen someone command an audience like florence.  we were putty in her hands.  and because of that, i am a fan for life.
best way to spend a rainy day:
with these guys.
we skipped the festival on saturday (i know, i know, spare me the lecture) due to some pop-up thunderstorms.  having some of your best friends drive into town to hang out with you makes it really difficult to leave them to go stand in a field of mud.  i would rather see them than jack white anyday.
best impression of a 21 year old:
these fools.  and i love them for it.
the hostess with the mostest award goes to: 
the blond beauty in the pink dress.  becky didn't go to the festival, however she stayed up and waited for us to get home, she cooked us breakfast (which included these), she provided us with unlimited coffee, snacks and stories about suzy.  she delivered these all with warmth and kindness.  this is her blog debut!  say hello to becky!
best hangover helper:
watermelon agua fresca.  i required a gallon of it. 
most creative outfit:
it is a 40-way tie. every year, the acl festival is an education in what "kids" are wearing these days.  and by "kids" i mean the twelve year olds they now accept into universities.  current trends: fanny packs, high-waisted cut-off jean shorts, shiny spandex bodysuits, and apparently capes.  hmph.   

{the people-watching is out-of-this-world}
my favorite show:
the avett brothers.  florence may have stolen my heart but the avett brothers had me at hello.  they are so much fun to see live.  they put on a foot-stomping, twirl-yourself-silly kind of show.  true love.

disappointments: missing the lumineers and the alabama shakes due to insane crowds.  boo.

other highlights:
trampled by turtles (i am currently obsessed with their latest album)

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  1. I love you, cort! Your recap made me heartsick for ACL, so that means... nice job! And I am so glad we got to keep yall on Saturday; thank you Rain, Thunder, Lightning, and Suzy....bravo!